Pandora: Macca's a man on the run

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Sir Paul McCartney attracted public sympathy during his troubled marriage to Heather Mills. So heaven knows what kind of response he can expect now that he's being hassled by the Cheeky Girls.

"The girls have met Sir Paul McCartney several times down their local gym in East Sussex. He has been utterly charming to them and they have seen him on the treadmill many times," said the girls' mother Margit at Lembit Opik's engagement party at the Embassy Club.

"They have given him some advice on his stretching exercises as they are trained ballerinas."

The next local victim the girls are lining up is the Bee Gee Barry Gibb. Margit says she wants him to listen to their new album.

Broomfield's new film fails in its fight for Survival

Nick Broomfield's latest project has received a stinging rebuke from Survival International. The human rights organisation isn't impressed by plans for a documentary about the world's small communities that the British film-maker proposes to make for the BBC

Broomfield, pictured, whose acclaimed body of work includes the award-winning film Ghosts and Battle for Haditha, not only wants to film the communities going about their everyday life, but also, controversially, wants to transport them to the developed world to observe our way of living.

The as-yet-untitled film follows the news of the unknown Amazonian tribe who were recently photographed in their rain-forest settlement.

But when a producer from one of the production companies working on the film, IWC Media, recently contacted Survival in the hope of receiving their co-operation, the charity unsurprisingly knocked them back.

No-one from Broomfield's office in LA was able to comment last night, but Survival are clearly unimpressed with the project.

"We believe that bringing an entire community to the developed world is an extraordinarily risky idea," says a spokesman.

"The consequences are hugely unpredictable, for starters. We feel that the harmful, even catastrophic, effects are more than likely to outweigh any benefits, and we've advised them against the project. We're certainly not going to help."

Crawford up to speed with London gossip

As one of the main stars of the current hit series Gossip Girl, Chase Crawford, left, was fittingly well-informed about Michael Madsen's contretemps at the Dorchester the other night.

Crawford is also staying at the Mayfair hotel where the Hollywood actor was involved in a bust up earlier this week. The police were called and the Hollywood star later had to be treated for cuts and bruises.

"I heard around the hotel that someone had insulted his wife and that's what set him off," he told me at a party for Tanqueray Number 10 on Tuesday evening.

"I've met Michael before, and I've got to say he is a little crazy and a bit of a boozer."

Rather than touring the capital's various watering holes, Crawford has preferred to spend his spare time in London on the golf course.

"I used to play really seriously when I was at high school but I burnt out as soon I went to college," he added. "But I still like to swing the sticks every now and then."

Fountain of knowledge

Tim Fountain launched his latest book on Tuesday night, called Rude Britannia, a guide to the "hi-ways and bi-ways" of British sex. The book offers a first-hand report into the depraved sexual activities going on around the British Isles.

One group that Fountain, right, was sadly unable to infiltrate was Killing Kittens, the adult entertainment company run by Emma Sayle, dragon boating team-mate of Kate Middleton, below.

"Unfortunately, they were just too expensive for me to research," Fountain tells me. "They're a very posh outfit who organise these upmarket soirees in waterside flats in the docklands which involve the guests putting their car keys in a bowl, if you know what I mean.

"The most glamorous I got was dogging on a Friday night in East Kilbride near the landfill."

Bacon saver

An emergency meeting on a campaign to save the British pig was held in the House of Commons this week. The host? Why, a certain Richard Bacon MP.

Scarlett Johansson is surpised Barack Obama replies to her emails. "You'd imagine that someone like the senator, who is constantly travelling and constantly 'on' – how can he return these personal emails?" she says. Of course most other men would just hit the delete button.

Guardian News and Media yesterday appointed several executives to head up the various editorial departments ahead of the forthcoming editorial integration of The Guardian and The Observer.

Funnily enough, all bar one of the appointments went to editors currently working on The Guardian. C'mon chaps, you're supposed to be integrating!