Pandora: Miller fashions a spot of bother in Camden

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Sienna Miller has run into trouble with Camden Council following the launch of her Twenty8Twelve clothing line at London Fashion Week.

The label, which the actress runs with her sister Savannah, was widely praised by the fashion press when it made its catwalk debut last week.

However, the sisters' choice of venue for the launch – Camden's Dairy, the trendily-refurbished former Express Dairy Company headquarters – has since provoked a flurry of noisy protests.

Residents have complained that the event caused havoc in the area, with 4x4s blocking the surrounding streets and rowdy spectators pouring out on to the road. Now the council has got involved, claiming the event should never have been allowed to go ahead.

"London Fashion Week is a great event but the point is there is no planning permission for this kind of event," said one of the borough's Labour councillors, Jonathan Simpson. "It seems the developer or owner is trying to make a fast buck ... I hope Camden Council takes strong action against them."

Miller is not the first star to incur the wrath of the neighbourhood's bureaucrats. Earlier this year, it was reported that Kate Moss faced similar criticism over the furore caused by her 35th birthday celebrations.

Timelord turns to the Queen's bankers

*The Doctor Who actor Matt Smith has reportedly opened an account with the Queen's bank, Coutts. According to The Sun newspaper, Smith's account comes with a seemingly magic cash card that can be used as a form of social skeleton key. Apparently, the card can "jump queues at swanky clubs and bars around the world". It's a strange claim, since no other account-holder I have spoken seems to enjoy such a privilege.

"I think it's a case of someone [at The Sun] getting the wrong end of the stick," explains a spokesman for Coutts.

Hurley finds a new stamping ground

*With the possible exception of Her Majesty the Queen, few women are quite so effortlessly regal as Elizabeth Hurley. How appropriate, then, that the actress has helped Royal Mail to create a new postage stamp.

Hurley has donated a photograph of her six-year-old son Damian which is being used on a limited-edition collection of "Smilers" stamps to mark Mother's Day. Five sets of the stamps signed by Hurley were put up for auction on eBay yesterday, with all proceeds going to the domestic violence charity Women's Aid.