Pandora: Mixed signals greet Radiohead film 'score'

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The American author Chuck Palahniuk has become involved a minor diplomatic incident with the British band Radiohead. The controversial novelist, who wrote the cult hit Fight Club, has been in London this week to fulfil promotional commitments for his latest book, Snuff.

Appearing on BBC 6 Music's breakfast show on Tuesday, Palahniuk excitedly revealed that Radiohead had written the score to director Clark Gregg's forthcoming adaptation of his novel Choke, which stars Sam Rockwell.

"Clark got Radiohead to contribute a song – to write a song for the very end of the movie, the final credits," said Palahniuk, 46. "Apparently Radiohead liked the movie so much, they have written the score."

The news sent film buffs into overdrive, not least because the music that the band's guitarist, Jonny Greenwood, penned for last year's Daniel Day-Lewis hit, There Will Be Blood, was widely considered to be a cinematic masterpiece.

However, it seems that Palahnuik has got his wires crossed. Not only is the song used in the film not original, Radiohead definitely have not composed its score.

"It is not true," says their spokesman. "A song is used in the film but it is taken from the album In Rainbows. It wasn't re-recorded, and they didn't compose the score. I don't know where this has come from."

O'Connor clears out the closet

It's a cruel fellow who dubs Erin O' Connor a mere clothes-horse, not least as the elfin-cropped supermodel is about to give away most of her wardrobe in the name of charidee.

Next month, a collection of dresses belonging to O'Connor are to go under the hammer at Christie's.

Proceeds of the sale will go to the British Fashion Council to help with funds for young up-and-coming designers.

"Well, the clothes don't fit me now and the storage for them was costing me the price of a second mortgage," she explains.

It's not the first time O'Connor has tried to get rid of her old stuff. Two months ago, she was spotted touting her wares at a car boot sale in Battersea.

A narrow escape

Kevin Spacey has discovered another way to enjoy the great outdoors, besides his perilous predilection for early- morning dog walks.

Last weekend, the London-based actor spent the weekend on the Kennet and Avon canal, shacked up in a narrow boat.

"Yes, his agent organised the trip and he had so much fun that he ended up skipping some appointments in London to stay longer," says the Moonraker Narrowboat Company. "He was a fast learner."

O'Brien's Horror at Sky

Sky Movies has announced that Rocky Horror creator Richard O'Brien would be co-producing their take on the cult 70s show.

Funny, because only two weeks ago, O'Brien told Pandora he was furious about the new movie and wouldn't be involved.

And sure enough, that hasn't changed. "It doesn't have my blessing," he says. "I'm not co-producing it and I won't be involved in any way."

Britishness is not all GB

Despite earlier reports this week, Gordon Brown is not writing a book about Britishness.

Blogger Guido Fawkes has discovered that Brown will be merely be contributing one chapter to a collection of writings to be edited by Spectator editor Matthew d'Ancona.

So the rainforest activists, still howling over the unsold copies of Brown's last literary effort, Courage, can breathe easy again.

Tories dismiss 'Lib Dem Boy'

David Cameron has dismissed the latest report from the Conservative think-tank Policy Exchange, which unhelpfully branded Bradford, Sunderland and Liverpool as "beyond saving".

His Tory colleagues were also quick to distance themselves from the report's author, Tim Leunig, and accused him of being (mock horror) a supporter of the Liberal Democrats. It is hardly surprising that none of them wants to be associated with swotty economist Leunig.

Far from being like a woolly Lib Dem, judging by his appearance on Newsnight on Wednesday evening, "Loony" Leunig seems to be the "spit" of Tory Boy, the spotty Harry Enfield caricature first aired during the dying days of John Major's government.