Pandora: Mrs Brown arranges a party – over Twitter

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While Gordon Brown's popularity tumbles ever lower, his wife Sarah seems able to do no wrong.

The former PR professional recently added a very modern feather to her cap by overtaking Stephen Fry as the country's foremost celebrity twitterer (she has 792,920 followers to his paltry 773,431).

Now we hear that the tech-savvy Mrs Brown plans to throw open the doors of her home to one lucky follower and his friends.

John Hibbs, an IT analyst and part-time scout for Liverpool Football Club, messaged Mrs Brown via the site about his fund-raising efforts for the West Midlands Lupus Group. He's currently training for the London Marathon to raise money for the charity, who have supported his sister since she was diagnosed with the disease.

Now he (along with 80 of his friends) has been invited for a specially-arranged knees up at No 10 next month.

"I wasn't even expecting a reply, so to get something back so quickly really shocked me," remarks a star-stuck Hibbs. "It all happened so quickly."

A Swedish rose by any other name?

Pandora's Sincere congratulations to Terry Jones. The Monty Python star recently celebrated the birth of Siri, his first daughter with girlfriend Anna Soderstrom.

"It's a Swedish name, which we thought would be easy for the English to pronounce," Jones, right, tells the Radio Times. "But not me. I can't pronounce Rs." Siwi, then?

Harman to star in Heat?

"If you want to start talking about body language, it is written up much better in Heat magazine," snapped Harriet Harman during her recent Question Time defence of Gordon Brown. Who knew she was such a fan?

Of course, her expertise could have something to do with the fact that the weekly magazine's new editor, Sam Delaney, is an old employee of hers.

"I worked for her when I was 19 and she taught me a great deal," says Delaney. "I picked up a ton of experience...Perhaps she will agree to an interview for old time's sake?" What do you say, Harriet?

Don't call me a belle of the ball

Hell's Kitchen, I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here!, Come Dine With Me and Are You Smarter Than A 10-Year-Old (to name but few) – all have proven too irresistible an opportunity for that attention-seeking pantomime dame, Christopher Biggins. But the man does, it seems, have his limits.

"Anyone who does Strictly Come Dancing has to be fantastically fit – and desperate," Biggins, scoffs to Pandora.

"I'm backing Lynda Bellingham. She's the oldest woman in it, and she could easily end up winning. She's lost a lot of weight and she looks fantastic."

Mandy keeps the tills ringing

*No word yet on what this year's Labour Party conference anthem is to be – though there are plenty of amusing suggestions from Pandora readers (we will name our favourite later in the week). In the meantime, our conference mole reports that sales of one particular item of party merchandise are proving exceptionally robust – namely, BlackBerry covers decorated with a mugshot of Peter Mandelson. But can you claim them back on expenses?