Pandora: Presidential seal for Stella – kidswear, that is

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When Stella McCartney launched her recent collaboration with the American chain Gap – a range of children's wear for those aged 0 to 12 – the fashion world responded with appropriate enthusiasm.

Not surprisingly, the various international launch parties attracted a host of celebrity mothers with Hollywood actress Liv Tyler even throwing her own party in the line's honour.

Still, the latest nod paid to the designer was rather – to say the least – unexpected.

We hear that Carla Bruni-Sarkozy – wife of French President Nicolas Sarkozy and new muse of Woody Allen – has eagerly snapped up items from the modestly-priced collection.

Of course, the move in itself is not surprising; both Bruni and her husband have children of suitable ages for McCartney's designs. More unusual is the fact that Bruni herself has been seen out and about sporting the designs. Earlier in the week, she even wore one of the range's jackets while appearing on French national television to sing a cover of The Beatles' "And I Love Her". No doubt McCartney's PR team is more than grateful for the high-powered endorsement (they were still processing the news when Pandora called). The only question left is will the diminutive Sarko follow suit?

Ramsay HQ loses another one

News, now, of yet another dip in the Ramsay Rollercoaster. The bad-press-prone chef has, we hear, kissed farewell to his right-hand-man Mark Sargeant, long-time head chef at his Michelin-starred restaurant at Claridge's. Sargeant, who is to join the pub group Swan Collection, frequently appears alongside Ramsay in his various television series. His exit follows the high-profile departure of Marcus Wareing from Ramsay Holdings last year. Rats aboard a ship?

Daniel's in the mood (for love?)

Daniel Day-Lewis's attempts to further his "craft" have a history of getting him into trouble. The dedicated thespian – a firm believer in the benefits of method acting – has irritated the likes of Liam Neeson and Don Baker with his Stanislavskian ways (Baker claimed that Day-Lewis still wouldn't talk to him after their characters fell out in a film scene). From the sound of things another falling out may be on the cards. The singer Fergie, who stars with him in Nine, claims Day-Lewis was prone to leaving her love letters in his character. Fergie plays a prostitute encountered by Day Lewis's character in his youth. Young love...

Information overload

The perils of red tape. The new Information Commissioner, Christopher Graham, tells of a recent encounter with bureaucracy: "The week I was appointed I had problems with my internet connection. I was getting someone else's emails and I was seriously spooked. I rang up the service provider to correct them and was told, 'Sorry there's not much we can do mate – it's data protection.' I was tempted to say: 'Do you know who I am?'" He didn't. Pity!

Is there a point to Ozwald's suit?

The latest new avant-garde trend in tailoring? Who knows? We're told guests were left scratching their heads in the wake of dapper menswear designer Ozwald Boateng at the launch of the Nissan cube store on Wednesday night. Boateng was sporting a suit with the pins left in. Unforced error or distressed by design?