Pandora: Sir Steven makes it at break-leg speed

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Pandora very much hopes that Sir Steven Redgrave is all right.

The record-breaking rowing champion – one of only four to win five consecutive Olympic gold medals – is currently in recovery following a nasty accident on Wednesday last week.

Sir Steve, a devoted football fan, is said to have slipped and fallen when rushing home from a golf competition in order to tune in to the Champions League final on television before it started.

"He then drove the full hour-and-a-half home where he noticed that his leg had swollen to three times its normal size," says my source. "But he still managed to watch the entire Manchester United/ Barcelona clash before going to the local hospital where the leg was diagnosed as having been broken."

By the sound of things, Redgrave is making an admirably swift recovery: the robust Chelsea supporter even managed to hobble along to Wembley on Saturday to cheer on his team in the FA Cup final.

Caplin shows she's up for the Cup

While Steven was nursing his leg, another spectator was turning heads at the FA Cup final. Carole Caplin, Cherie Blair's one-time lifestyle guru, shared a box at Wembley with theatre impresario and Everton manager Bill Kenwright.

"She had on a striking blue dress and six-inch heels," says Pandora's sports-minded spy. "She kept flicking her hair, much to the enjoyment of the surrounding gentlemen."

Caplin and Kenwright's friendship goes back a long way. She helped him to shed a few pounds; he helped her to set up a chi-chi wellness centre in north London.

Wanted: new hard-man role for Kemp

Surprising pangs of sympathy for that professional hard-man, Ross Kemp. Despite widespread plaudits for his turn as a Serious Documentary-Maker in Ross Kemp In Afghanistan, the man who brought Grant Mitchell to our screens in EastEnders complains of a lack of work. "I'm looking at doing some kind of drama but the problem is no one is offering me any roles," he laments to men's magazine Zoo. "I'm not on the dole or anything but ... I just don't know what I'm going to do next." Surely someone has a part in their next action flick they could offer him? No stuntman required...

Miliband has a Hay-making half-term

*David Miliband and family mingled with the leather elbows at the Hay Festival over the weekend, prompting rumours that the Foreign Secretary would attend the impromptu "Overthrow Parliament Now" debate. Tragically, Miliband opted for the "Very Hungry Caterpillar Party" instead – which probably went down better with his sons.