Pandora: That's... er, business: Dave's economic tome

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Musician, producer, philanthropist and now... economist? Apparently so. Dave Stewart, the multi-faceted guitarist from Eurythmics is to pen a business book.

The intriguing work – provisionally titled The Business Playground: Where Creativity and Commerce Collide – is being co-written with Mark Simmons, co-author of Punk Marketing: Get off your ass and join the revolution, and should be available by April this year.

"It all came about because Dave read my last book," explains Simmons. "We met up and it became clear that he was very interesting indeed. I hadn't realised how diverse his projects were. We said we should do something together."

The pair decided on a book that combined both Simmons' business knowledge with Stewart's music industry experience. "He's had interaction with some incredibly well-known people – Mick Jagger, Bob Dylan, and so on. So the book's theoretical but also with anecdotes from Dave's experiences."

Indeed, it isn't Stewart's first time dabbling in the world of sharp suits; as well as consulting for Nokia he has been known to address banks on the importance of creativity in their business.

"He's definitely a right brain character but has an instinct for business," says Simmons. Watch this space!

Campbell eyes the catwalk

Fashionistas Beware – there is an imposter in your ranks. Following his appearance at the Chilcot inquiry on Tuesday, it appears Alastair Campbell is to enter the equally treacherous waters of fashion hackery. We hear he is featuring in the April edition of Elle – though in what capacity it remains to be seen. Boris Johnson recently completed a star turn as the glossy magazine's guest editor, though we rather fancy Campbell as a catwalk reporter. And who knows, perhaps he can convince his old friend Tony to model a bit of Louis Vuitton?

No rugby tackles now chaps

It is heartening to see Boris Johnson lending his weight to a campaign making football matches more family-friendly.

The London Mayor has recorded a video message of support after being signed by the Football League's Enjoy The Match initiative, which aims to stamp out anti-social behaviour inside stadiums.

"No matter how hacked off you may feel conceding a late goal, please keep your temper and good manners," urges Johnson.

Of course, the Mayor's own levels of sporting self-restraint are well known. It was only a few years ago that, while taking part in a celebrity England versus Germany match, he rugby-tackled a startled German opponent to the ground. Ref!

Is Heathcote on to a Winner?

Waiter! The tab – and quick. Michael Winner has incurred the wrath of Paul Heathcote, head chef at the Longridge Restaurant, by criticising a Lancashire pub. The former protégé of Raymond Blanc has come down on the side of The Duke William in Ribble Valley, lambasted by Winner in his Sunday Times column for its "flaccid" burgers. "Let's face it," rages Heathcote, "he rarely gets outside the M25 unless it's to Italy, France or the West Indies. The Duke is a pub that serves food, not a restaurant." Score to settle, perchance?

Pritchard shows his artistic side

Lofty pursuits indeed from Luke Pritchard. The Kooks frontman – and one time arm candy of Mischa Barton – appears to have developed a budding interest in high art. We hear he has commissioned a piece by East London sculptor Dicky Graham, after buying another last year – a £3,000 caterpillar made from wooden strikers found in an old piano. The next one is likely to be a dog, from Graham's exhibition at the London Art Fair this week. "It references Marcel Duchamp," we're told. Quite so!