Pandora: The curious case of Brangelina

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Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were two of the most eagerly-anticipated guests at last night's Baftas, having won three nominations between them. But I'm told that the Hollywood couple's attendance was far from guaranteed. In fact, as the first of the guests arrived on the red carpet, organisers claimed that they still weren't sure whether "Brangelina" would make it.

Hours previously, Jolie had been pictured in Thailand, which she was visiting in her role as a United Nations' Goodwill Ambassador and, although she had booked a suite at London's Dorchester hotel, she hadn't been photographed since.

"We don't know for certain if they're coming at all," fretted one spokesperson for the event. Happily – and to the relief of the waiting paparazzi – the beautiful twosome arrived in good time, explaining that they had spent the day indoors enjoying tea and scones.

Boyle plays it coy over Smith talk

Oh dear. I hope Will Smith's Bollywood plans aren't over already. Last month the A-lister told Pandora he wanted to work in India, saying that Danny Boyle, who picked up last night's Best Director Bafta, may be on board too. Boyle, however, seems less keen. "I saw when we were filming that he was there," he says. "But that's all I know."

Winslet wins a chilly reception

Kate Winslet may have added to her burgeoning collection of awards last night, but it wasn't all plain sailing for the plummy English actress. As well as being cheekily instructed by Jonathan Ross to wrap up her acceptance speech in"a crisp 30 seconds", she had to endure the indignity of being booed on the red carpet. I'm told the sound came from waiting fans, who were thoroughly ticked off after she sailed past without signing any autographs.

Michael hasn't lost his sheen

After Dame Helen Mirren's success in The Queen and Frank Langella's in Frost/Nixon, Michael Sheen is fast developing a reputation for popping up in gong-friendly films without ever winning anything himself.

It's a shame, since by all accounts he seems an amiable fellow.

Last night he graciously turned out to support his Frost/Nixon co-star Frank Langella, who was nominated for best actor.

"It is disappointing when you aren't nominated for awards," he conceded with only a hint of dismay.

"But the film has been recognised and it's great to be part of that. I get my fair share of attention so it's not too bad. "

Wossy expands his vocabulary

Here's something for the anti-Jonathan Ross brigade to get worked up about.

As anyone who follows the loudmouth presenter on Twitter (username: "Wossy") will know, the Bafta host has been requesting suggestions for a word he can slip into his speech. I gather that "muffintop", "discombobulate" and "flobbly" were all deemed to be favourites. In the event, though, he chose "salad" – which explains a lot.