Patrick Stewart's singer wife Sunny Ozell employs him as her 'merch b***h'

The actor says he’s ready to help his wife out and become a roadie

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Patrick Stewart’s musician wife has a new career in mind for her husband – he is to become her “merch b***h”.

Singer Sunny Ozell, who describes her music as “authentic, roots-based Americana”, says it’s high time that the veteran actor played the support act.

“He has been doing theatre pretty solidly for a while and I’ve been support staff, so I think it’s my turn,” she said jokingly.

“He is going to be my ‘merch bitch’. We’re going to put him in the van and he’s going to get us some T-shirts sold.”

The Reno-born 36-year-old met 73-year-old Stewart at a Brooklyn restaurant where she was then working as a waitress. They got married last year.

“It was the only time in my life that I have given someone I’ve just met my cell phone number,” he said of the first time he met his now wife.

“I was in Macbeth which had just transferred to Broadway and she said, ‘I would love to see it.’ It took a couple of weeks — she played it very cool.

“She not only came to the show but had the balls to come backstage and agreed to have dinner with me that night. About two weeks later I heard her sing for the first time. I had frankly never been in that environment before.”

The Star Trek and X-Men actor is quite open to his new career venture: “I’ve already signed up to be a roadie," he told The Evening Standard.

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