Paul McCartney forced to cancel gigs due to illness: Beatles star contracts virus

The 71-year-old former Beatles front man has cancelled two Tokyo gigs because of a virus

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Sir Paul McCartney has been forced to cancel two gigs in Tokyo, Japan, due to a virus that has left him too ill to perform, the singer has said.

Sir McCartney was due to play on Saturday night, but announced on Twitter he would be rescheduling the show for Monday 19 May after he had “come down with a virus and on Friday and following a visit from doctors, I’ve been told not to perform tonight”.

After thanking his Japanese fans for their “lovely messages”, McCartney tweeted today that he has been forced to postpone the rest of his shows at the Tokyo National Stadium due to illness.

In a statement from his team, fans have been told that “doctors have ordered Paul to complete rest and he has been doing all he can to get better”.

McCartney is described to be “upset” about the situation as “he has only ever had to reschedule a handful of shows in his entire career” and that he hates to let people down.  He told his staff this morning that he was going to try and perform tonight against the doctor’s orders, “but his team, along with the doctors, wouldn’t allow it”.

In a personal statement from McCartney added to the statement, the 71-year-old singer said: “Thank you so much for your kind messages and support. I’m so very touched. Unfortunately my condition has not improved overnight. I was really hoping that I’d be feeling better today. I’m so disappointed and sorry to be letting my fans down.”

Both statements were also published in Japanese.