Paul Revere death: The Raiders founder and keyboardist dies aged 76

Revere was famed for his on-stage energy and often known as "the madman of rock & roll"

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Paul Revere, who founded Paul Revere and The Raiders, has died, aged 76.

The keyboardist passed away on Saturday at his home in Idaho, following a battle with cancer.

Born in Harvard in 1938, Paul Revere Dick established the Raiders – originally called the Downbeats - in 1960. They became known for their pop rock, with hits including “Kicks”, “Indian Reservation”, “Him or Me — What’s It Gonna Be?” and “Louie Louie”. They often performed in Revolutionary War-style costumes and Revere was famed for his on-stage energy, described by many as "the madman of rock & roll".

His death was confirmed on the rock band’s website and a tribute was posted by a fan of the group.

"Sitting in an audience at my first Paul Revere and The Raiders concert introduced me to a larger-than-life dynamo of high-energy slapstick, outrageous and spontaneous humour and a genuine child-like joy," read the homage. "Everyone in attendance just knew that you MUST be a wonderful person offstage too, no doubt about it.

"Meeting you after a show in the autograph line cemented the deal for everyone," it continued. "Just as fun, funny and spontaneous as you were onstage, extremely nice and accommodating to everyone who waited in the long lines to meet you. Take a picture – 'SURE, take TWO!' Sign these 20 albums? 'Why NOT, you helped pay for my first house, and my first wife!'"

The note was signed by "everyone who has ever known you".

"By your example, both professional and personal, you've left a blueprint of how to live a life full of love, laughter and happiness," read the tribute. "The world will be a lot less fun, a lot less kind and gentle without Paul Revere in it."

Revere is survived by his wife of 35 years, Sydney, and a son, Jamie.