Peaches Geldof branded 'toxic hypocrite' by Mumsnet users

The thread has since been deleted after it was described as 'not in the spirit of the site'

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Peaches Geldof has been branded a “toxic hypocrite” by Mumsnet users in a thread discussing how the late socialite left her one-year-old son alone for up 17 hours after she fatally overdosed on heroin.

An inquest yesterday heard that the mother of two is believed to have lied to her husband, Thomas Cohen, about her drug usage and hid heroin in the loft. Police discovered a £500 bag of heroin with a high purity level of 61 per cent — three times the normal concentration of the street drug – in a bedroom cupboard.

Cohen said his wife had been addicted to heroin but had come off it after long treatment and counselling by drug workers.

He said she undertook weekly tests which she insisted were negative — but now believed that her testimony was untrue.

The results of the inquest called into question her parenting skills by the ever-outspoken and usually wrong, Katie Hopkins, and now also by users of parenting network Mumsnet.

The thread – which has since been deleted – incited a backlash from users, criticising Geldof’s actions.


"Very sad. But it was rather strange on mn (mumsnet) where posters were extolling her virtues as a great mum after she died. And saying they were going to live their lives like peaches etc,” one user said.

"She died of drugs and was found with baby with her who had been unattended until she was found. Unfortunately she was not a good parent. Good parents don't take heroin whilst looking after their kids."

"I imagine most of what Peaches said was absolute b*****s regarding the way she looked after her kids," said another user. "I'm sure she loved them but all the baby wearing, co sleeping, attachment stuff was probably nonsense - an invention to give her a second career."

"Seems like the reality was the exact opposite of how she portrayed herself," bemoaned another.

However, the dialogue has been removed from from the website, along with the following message:


"Message from MNHQ: We don't think this kind of discussion is really in the spirit of the site so we're zapping the thread," said the statement.

A spokesperson for Mumsnet has not yet responded to The Independent's request for comment.