Peaches Geldof dead: The moment she owned Katie Hopkins on This Morning will forever go down in TV history

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Whatever you thought about Peaches Geldof – the socialite, writer and very embodiment of a rock star offspring – her death at the age of 25, leaving behind her two sons, a new husband, and a grieving family, is nothing short of a tragedy.

Geldof was one of the first of a new wave of personalities to live her young life through the social media age, her every thought and moment documented through a seemingly endless stream of Twitter posts and Instagram pictures.

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As such, she didn’t really need a career. She was famous by default. But she did enjoy a number of stints as a columnist. From the age of 15, she penned her first piece for Elle magazine, and went on to write for the Guardian and The Telegraph.

She also presented a number of TV shows, including ITV2’s OMG!.

However, for many, her crowning moment in the media spotlight came fairly recently, when she took on – and promptly dressed down – Katie Hopkins live on the This Morning sofa in November 2013.

The two embarked in a bitter public feud after Hopkins used her The Sun column to attack the young mother and her beliefs in Attachment Parenting.

It culminated in the televised show-down, which started off civilly enough, but quickly spiralled into a full-scale verbal battle as Hopkins dismissed Geldof’s views as "new age nonsense".

"You've come on here to be controversial," Geldof spat.

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"She likes Attachment Parenting until her baby is on the floor on the pavement," Hopkins spat back, referring to the accident Peaches had with baby Astala that made front page tabloid news just weeks beforehand.

The argument showed Geldof in a new light. Those who were unfamiliar with her persona were surprised by her humour, quick-wittedness and eloquence, and the appearance won her a whole new fanbase.

It also signalled the beginning of Hopkins’ apparent quest to become one of the most hated – but frequently wheeled out – media talking heads in Britain and as such will forever go down in TV history. Watch it below.

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