Peaches Geldof Twitter account hacked: Tweet shared on weight loss methods

The socialite died on 7 April, aged 25

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The Twitter account of Peaches Geldof has been seemingly hacked.

A tweet was shared from @peaches_g, sharing weight loss methods with a link to Tumblr.

“It's obviously been hacked and is pretty crude,” a spokeswoman for the Geldof family told the BBC.

The post has since been deleted, and the top tweet remains the same as it has since 6 April, when the presenter and socialite wrote: “My mum and me”, along with a childhood picture of herself with late mother Paula Yates.

Geldof fatally overdosed on heroin on 7 April in her Kent home, leaving behind two young children, Astala and Phaedra, and her husband, Thomas Cohen.

In July, an inquest heard that the mother of two is believed to have lied to her husband about her drug usage and hid heroin in the loft. Police discovered a £500 bag of heroin with a high purity level of 61 per cent — three times the normal concentration of the street drug – in a bedroom cupboard.

Last month, the socialite’s father, musician Bob Geldof said that he felt partly responsible for her death.

“You blame yourself. You’re the father who is responsible and clearly failed,” he told ITV News. “For anybody watching, who has a dead kid and you’re a parent. You go back, you go back, you go back, you go back, you go back, you go over, you go over. What could you have done? You do as much as you can.”