Pete Doherty wants to help those struggling with drug addiction

The Libertines singer is currently being treated in rehab near Bangkok

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Pete Doherty has expressed a desire to help those with drug problems, as he is treated for his heroin addiction at the Hope Rehab in Thailand.

The musician hopes to offer financial backing for treatment centres.

“Peter is not only a talented musician but a strong character who has a lot to offer,” said Hope Rehab founder Simon Mott.

“He has expressed a wish to use his influence to help other struggling addicts. Together with Hope he wants to start a trust funding treatment places.”

Doherty has fought his addiction for years and has been imprisoned on various occasions for drug-related offences.

He has spent time in various rehabilitation centres in the UK, but Mott believes that a change in environment has benefited Doherty. He said the programme includes “many of the wonders Thailand has to offer visitors”.

“Many addicts do not fit into conventional rehabs, however today he [Doherty] is a month into his recovery of a well-documented heroin addiction,” said a statement given to NME.

“Peter does not suit typical treatment approaches - clinical environments limited by their setting and formality.”

The Libertines bandmate Carl Barat has visited Doherty in Thailand, where they have written five new tracks for the band’s forthcoming third album.

In July, the group reunited for a Hyde Park headlining gig as part of the British Summertime Festival.

Earlier this year, Doherty admitted that drugs were “no longer fun”.

“I would like to get rid of the damn drugs,” he said.

“It’s no longer fun. On the contrary, it’s just s**t and kills all my creativity. But it’s difficult to stop.”