Pitbull given honorary degree: A surprising achievement for the rapper

The US singer was recognised for his educational work by Doral College in Miami

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World Cup singer Pitbull has been awarded an honorary degree - as a nod to his support for education.

The US rapper, known for his suggestive lyrics and catchy tunes, was given the accolade by Doral College, situated in his hometown of Miami, Florida. 

In an acceptance speech at the college on Tuesday, Pitbull explained why, despite being a globally successful music artist, he continues to promote education behind the scenes.

"I remember being kicked out of a public school because I didn’t have the right address. That’s why I want better schools for the kids who live where I grew up," he said.

"That’s why Doral Academy was founded, and that’s why I helped create SLAM (Sports Leadership and Management Academy) in the neighborhood where I grew up - a school that offers a choice for students, like me, students who need someone to inspire them, someone to believe in them.”

And Pitbull was clearly thrilled by the academic recognition, posting an image of himself attired in a graduation gown and holding up his framed certificate. 

The Give Me Everything singer is the first person to receive an honorary degree from Doral College, according to Local 10.


Handing over the award, president Anitere Flores praised Pitbull's "tireless devotion to his community".

"It is our privilege to award this incredible artist, businessman and South Floridian with this prestigious honour," she said.


Pitbull made news at the World Cup opening ceremony when he donned a pair of eye-catching white trousers to perform the tournament's official song, "We Are One", alongside Jennifer Lopez and Cláudia Leitte.

The song is said to have disappointed many Brazilians who think it sounds too generic for the country’s Bossa Nova fans and features foreign musicians singing primarily in English and Spanish.