Plymouth MP Johnny Mercer revealed as topless model in American shower gel advert

A video of the Conservative MP lathering himself up has been uncovered by local press

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Politics isn't known as the sexiest profession in the world, but that stereotype is being put to the test in a new Dove soap advert.

The commercial features Johnny Mercer, Conservative MP for Plymouth Moor View stripping off in the shower, lathering up his chiselled abs and washboard pecs with Dove Men shower gel.

It's an odd thing for an MP to do, but it wasn't a vote-winning stunt - the advert was filmed in February 2014, more than a year before he was elected.

However, filming took place after he was chosen to contest the parliamentary seat.

Dove announced it was looking for military families to appear in its advert, and contacted Mercer, a former army captain.

Speaking to the Plymouth Herald, he said: "When they asked me, I thought 'Why not? It will be a laugh.' It was really fun."

Mercer had to shave his chest for the role, which his wife Felicity said left him itching for weeks.

Eager viewers looking to catch a glimpse of Mercer's muscles will be disappointed - the ad is currently airing in America, with no plans to bring it to the UK.

However, the advert is currently available online - it was first posted before the election, but fortunately (or unfortunately?) local media in Mercer's constituency didn't notice until recently.

It's not clear what Mercer's colleagues will think of his public washing, but at least one Conservative colleague was in favour - famously colourful MP Michael Fabricant told his 20,000 Twitter followers that he would have done the advert "totally naked".

Poor them.