Politicians react to claims in Lord Ashcroft's book that David Cameron put his genitals in dead pig's mouth

Claims were made in an unauthorised biography which have been serialised in the Daily Mail 

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A number of politicians have ridiculed David Cameron following allegations he performed an obscene act with an animal during his time at Oxford University.

The claims were made in an unauthorised biography by the former deputy chairman of the Conservative Party Lord Ashcroft and Isabel Oakeshott, a journalist,

The book, Call Me Dave, claims an unnamed “distinguished Oxford contemporary”, who is now an MP, described an incident where the Prime Minister placed his genitals into the mouth of a dead pig during an “outrageous” initiation ceremony for the Piers Gaveston Society.

Lord Ashcroft wrote that the man repeated the allegation on three occasions, with increasing detail, and claimed a photograph of the reported incident exists, though the book also says that it maybe a case of mistaken identity. There have been suggestions by some that the book is Lord Ashcroft’s revenge after he was denied a position in Mr Cameron’s cabinet in 2010.

The Lib Dem leader Tim Farron wasted no time in joking about being a vegetarian, while the party’s former leader suggested David Cameron was “once again hogging the headlines" at its annual conference. 

The most obvious comments were suggestions as to what Mr Cameron might be asked during Prime Minister’s Questions on Wednesday - although for anyone hoping the PM would face a grilling will be disappointed to learn that the next session of PMQs will not be until 14 October.

Downing Street declined to respond to the reports, telling The Independent there would be no comment on any of it. Sources described as close to Mr Cameron told the Press Association they "did not recognise" the accusations.