Pope Francis admits he has no idea how to use a computer during Google Hangout

The 78-year-old says he is a 'dinosaur' with technology

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Pope Francis has admitted he has no idea how to work a computer, describing himself as a "dinosaur" when it comes to technology.

The 78-year-old made the confession during a Google Hangout with several disabled children from around the world, the Associated Press reports.

Francis responded to them from a Vatican audience hall during a conference of his Scholas initiative, which seeks to bring young people together via sports, art and technology.

The children involved showed Francis how they make use of technology, including braille keypads, tablets and video cameras.

Alicia, from Spain, asked Francis if he liked taking photos and uploading them onto his computer.

The Pontiff replied: "Do you want me to tell you the truth? I'm a disaster with machines. I don't know how to work a computer. What a shame!"

His admission comes despite the fact that his official Twitter account has amassed 5.48 million followers and is regularly updated.

In January, Francis urged families to put aside their smart phones and social media feeds and learn how to talk to one another again.

"The great challenge facing us today is to learn once again how to talk to one another, not simply how to generate and consume information," he said in a statement released on World Day of Communications.