Christoph Waltz shuts down claims that Donald Trump should be allowed a 'grace period' as president

'You can’t unsay what has been said,' says the actor

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Since Donald Trump has been elected President of the United States, the world has been thrust into a curious limbo period of speculating and pontificating about how the next four years will pan out. The key question being whether the Republican’s bark is bigger than his bite and whether he will he put the sentiments of his election campaign into action.

Christoph Waltz has now given his view on how to approach the election of the billionaire property tycoon. Appearing on Austrian TV program Zib News, the Oscar-winning Austrian-German actor, who is best known for his roles in Quentin Tarantino films, was asked whether we should presume “innocence” about the President-elect and allow him to be judged by his actions.

“Do we maybe need to presume innocence about Trump allowing him a kind of grace period while saying: Lets wait and see and judge him by his actions?” probed the presenter.

“You mean we consider everything he said so far as unsaid?” Waltz replied.

“And say: No hard feelings, he did not call for torture. He didn’t say that you should use nuclear weapons if you have them?”

“He didn’t say that Mexicans are rapists and drug dealers? You know. The list knows no bounds.”

“We just pretend these things didn’t come up at all? And say: Anyway, he might be a proper jolly good fellow?”

“Why? You can’t unsay what has been said.”

“And Obama himself said in the meet with Trump: We have to work on Trump feeling welcome and if Trump is successful, the whole country is successful.”

“Really? If Trump is successful with what he announced during his campaign it’s the end of the line,” he gravely concluded.

Waltz also made his views known after Britain voted to leave the European Union. The actor condemned Nigel Farage for standing down as Ukip leader and not sticking around to take responsibility for the consequences of the Brexit vote, labelling him the “head rat”. 

After the referendum, Mr Farage proudly announced he had achieved his political ambitions and wanted his life back. “Well, I mean, of course the head rat would leave the sinking ship…” Waltz concluded at the time.