Prince Charles gatecrashes wedding - while wearing an army uniform

Prince Charles rocks up to your wedding unannounced donning an army uniform: The perfect wedding gift or sign to give up and go home?

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One archaic institution collided with another this weekend when the Prince of Wales gatecrashed the wedding of a young, [currently] happy couple.

As if that wasn’t enough, just to make the whole thing just a little more weird, rather than brandishing his usual double breasted suit, the GQ style icon rocked up in a multi-terrain army uniform. Awkward?

Well, no. Lucky for old Charlie boy, the pair turned out to be firm royalists and the 28-year-old groom a delighted Private.

The Prince of Wales was in Ayr for a parade and reception by the Queen's Own Yeomanry - of which he is the Royal Honorary Colonel - when he bumped into Private Barry Rooney and his new wife Kirstie, 22, in the Town Hall as they left their wedding ceremony at the Registrar's Office.

Giving his royal stamp of approval, Charles congratulated the couple for their initiation into the cult of marriage and even posed for some bonus mugshots for the wedding album.

The apparently elated pair said: “That was absolutely amazing, we were really shocked. Who can say they had their wedding photograph taken with the Prince of Wales?

“It's a day we'll remember forever.”

Aww, how sweet.