Prince Charles' response to cross-dressing impersonation of The Queen is priceless

The royal was not overly impressed by Wade Lynch’s comic impression

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Prince Charles and wife Camilla were not amused by a comedian’s entertaining cross-dressing impression of the Queen.

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The couple were treated to the performance as part of their tour of Canada.

Performer Wade Lynch donned a matching lilac coat and dress, as well as an Ascot-worthy hat for the impersonation, which was received, at best, unenthusiastically. And thankfully, the Charles and Camilla’s reactions were filmed for all to enjoy.

Lynch’s outspoken, screeching and gregarious Queen prompted a mix of baffled and displeased looks from the couple. Camilla seemingly rolls her eyes, while Charles looks awkward – managing to muster a few pained-looking smiles.

At one point, Her Majesty says: “There are two members of our audience who call me by quite another name, and that is, of course, Mommy. Hello, kids! Surprise!”

None of it went down well, although the rest of the audience appeared quite entertained. At the end, Charles offers lacklustre applause as Camilla taps her coat and looks in another direction – presumably towards the nearest exit. 


Canadian newspaper The Guardian reports that the show has been branded "tasteless, insulting and shameful", although it's not clear who was so incensed by the act.

Lynch understood that the royal family had endorsed the idea before the performance took place and apologises for any offence caused.

“I understood it was no surprise at all...that they (Charles and Camilla) were in on the joke,’’ he told the Guardian. “I produced a script many weeks ago that went through many filters.”

 “If the actual Royal family was offended, I am really sorry because that was never the intention.”