Prince William: We must take action to prevent extinction of 'iconic' animals

Duke of Cambridge says tackling 'pernicious' illegal wildlife trade is 'key test' of humanity’s ability

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Tackling the “pernicious” illegal wildlife trade is a “key test” of humanity’s ability to battle any global challenge, the Duke of Cambridge has said.

If we let these animals vanish on our watch, the impact will be devastating

Prince William

He is urging governments and business leaders to take action to prevent the extinction of “iconic” animals such as elephants and rhinos.

Combating ivory poaching is a matter of “urgency” he said, adding it “demands a coalition of politicians and business leaders” to take steps to confront the “crisis”.

“If we let these animals vanish on our watch, the impact on our collective confidence to tackle any other global issue will be devastating,” Prince William wrote in the Financial Times.

“I cannot imagine what it would feel like if the last elephant or rhinoceros in the wild died – and I then had to explain to my children how we let it happen,” said the Duke of Cambridge, who in May became a father for the second time.

“In national capitals, in corporate boardrooms and on the ground momentum is building,” he concluded. “This is a battle we can win.