Princess Charlotte completes publicity tour with official royal family christening photos minus Prince Harry

The baby is expected to lay low for a while to concentrate on being a baby

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Despite only being two months old, Princess Charlotte has been very busy doing the PR for the royal family.

Kensington Palace has released official photos of the royal christening, where Charlotte is with her parents, William and Kate, and her big brother George.

Thankfully though it looks like her publicity trail is coming to an end as she prepares to start her new life as a baby.

The official photos from Charlotte’s wedding were taken by long-time royal collaborator Mario Testino. He previously shot Prince George and William’s mother, Princess Diana.

The photos show the royal family, relaxed and smiling, in the palace, as well as photos of William, Kate, George and Charlotte outside in the grounds.

Having completed the last lap of her publicity tour, it is expected Charlotte will resume her typical baby duties, which currently include sleeping, following objects with her eyes and occasionally rolling over.