Princess Diana stayed in Kurt Russell's home to escape paparazzi

The actor and late Princess met at a film premiere in 1991 

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Kurt Russell’s home became an unlikely haven for Princess Diana to escape the paparazzi’s glare following her separation from Prince Charles. 

The Hateful Eight actor revealed he offered his remote ranch in Colorado to the late Princess to help her escape the media attention after meeting Diana during a premiere for his 1991 film Backdraft.  

Diana became a source of rapidly increasing interest to the media throughout her marriage and subsequent separation from Prince Charles. Russell explained to James Corden how Diana came to stay at his home during an appearance on the Late, Late Show and while talking to Australian press this week. 

“They [Prince Charles and Diana] were doing a royal at the time,” he told Corden. “I was in between the two, kind of interesting. They weren't getting along great.

“During the course of the evening we talked about the paparazzi that she had to deal with and stuff, so I mentioned that we lived on a ranch in Colorado that might be a nice getaway.“

Diana took him up on this offer, staying there for ten days in 1995. 

“Years later, Fergie [Sarah Ferguson] who Goldie [Hawn] knows and she worked it out. Diana wanted to go with the boys and they stayed 10 days at the ranch.” 


She died two years later after the vehicle she was in crashed into a pillar in a Paris tunnel.