Princess Michael of Kent on 'dreadful practice' of breastfeeding: 'My nanny said it was disgusting'

The debate surrounding public breastfeeding continues

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After one woman was humiliatingly forced to fashion a boob-and-baby screen out of a napkin in high-end London hotel Claridge’s recently, public breastfeeding has become a subject of political debate.

The ever-sensitive Nigel Farage called for women not to be “ostentatious” about it and preferably “sit in the corner” as they do it, while the ever buffoon-like Boris Johnson agreed that new mothers should employ a level of discretion in such matters.

Even Prime Minister David Cameron got involved. A statement from No.1o declared breastfeeding “totally natural” and decried the actions of those - not unlike his new Tory candidate Johnson - who made breastfeeding mothers uncomfortable as “unacceptable”.

Now, Princess Michael of Kent has helpfully waded into the debate to add that she finds the “dreadful practice” less than appealing – as does her nanny, apparently.

  “I didn't breastfeed,” the royal mother-of-two is quoted by the Daily Mail as saying. “My nanny said it was disgusting.”

Clarifying her remarks via a statement from her publicist, Princess Michael has since added the far less inflammatory following:  “It's not something I would do in public but everyone has a free choice.”

Her comments have since been criticised by breast feeding campaigners.

“It's incredibly damaging for women trying to breastfeed their children and trying to do the best for them to hear negative comments about breastfeeding,” Emily Slough, of the Free to Feed campaign group, said.

“I don't understand what the logic is. It's not disgusting. It's not dreadful. That's how we're supposed to feed our children.

“If they can't get over the whole women and breasts things - it's just babies eating.”

Princess Michael is the parent of son Lord Freddie Windsor and daughter Lady Gabriella Windsor, both of whom have successfully reached adulthood.