Professor Green thanks fans for 'overwhelming support' after rapper breaks down discussing his father's suicide

Green lost his father as a teenager

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Professor Green has thanked his fans for their "overwhelming support" after he broke down on live television while discussing his father's death.

Fan rushed to comfort the tearful rapper on social media as he recalled his final conversation with his father during an interview on ITV’s This Morning.

Green, who has just released his autobiography Lucky, said his father had left the family home when he was a child and started a family with another woman. The pair did not speak until Green contacted his father five years later.

He told his hosts Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby: “We were meant to meet the day after Boxing Day, and I said, ‘Are you going to come and see me?’

“He said him and his wife and his kids wanted to see me... I lost my temper. I said to him that it wasn’t about them and this was about me and him sitting down and talking about everything.

“I put myself on the line. And I said, 'If I ever see you again I’ll knock you out’.”

Sadly, his father took his life the next year. "I found out on the Wednesday morning when my nan came into my room and told me that my dad had hanged himself," said Green.

After learning of his father’s death, the 31-year-old began exploring his father’s past and attending therapy sessions in an attempt to understand some of the issues he experienced. 

Green recently confirmed he has attended marriage therapy sessions and said counselling helped him process his loss and his father's story. “I learnt so much about the traumas he had suffered, and the bereavements and how his life started.

“I see a therapist regularly. It’s important, you go through it – you can puff your chest out but that’s not dealing with it, that’s surviving.”

Anyone needing confidential support can call the Samaritans in the UK on 08457 90 90 90.