A Quick Chat With: Marco Pierre White

'If I were a politician I’d reverse the hunting ban'
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Marco Pierre White, 48, is a celebrity chef and restaurateur. At the age of 33 he became the youngest ever chef to have been awarded three Michelin stars and is often referred to as "the Godfather of modern cooking".

If I weren't talking to you right you I'd normally be... I’d still be sitting in my car driving back from Claire House Children’s Hospice in Liverpool.

A phrase I use far too often is… “Never allow the obvious to blind you” or “Look at something for what it is, not what you want it to be”.

I wish people would take more notice of... whatever they feel. I can’t speak for others, you have your own causes in life and can’t expect others to support your causes or preach to them about it. My cause would be children.

A common misperception of me is… that I'm often seen in public. I'm mainly found in restaurants, or on Hell’s Kitchen where I don’t shout, don’t swear – I just have to give a scary look.

The most surprising thing that happened to me was… something surprising happens to me everyday of my life. Today’s experience was quite special and rare to share a moment with those families at the hospice. It was surprising how much the staff and the team give and I have incredible respect for them. It’s very easy to live in the bubble and forget how fortunate we are.

I’m not a politician but... if I were I think I’d reverse the hunting ban.

I’m good at… nothing. I have zero talents. People like Picasso, Hemingway and Beethoven – they’re talented, I’m just a cook.

I’m bad at… lots of things but I try to hide them!

My ideal night out is… on the riverbank or in the countryside with my children.

In moments of weakness I… believe you should become strong through your weaknesses. By having the courage to confront complication, you dissolve the weakness – I look within myself to find the strength to deal with any complication or trouble.

In another life I'd have been... I never think like that. I feel very privileged that I’ve walked into this industry, it’s given me so much and I’ve met so many wonderful people – I wouldn’t change it, I’d walk down that same road.

The best age to be is… the age you are today is the best. By wishing to re-live another part of your life you highlight the fact you are not happy today. We are products of our past.

In a nutshell, my philosophy is… The only people who ever achieve success are the people who discover themselves and by discovering yourself you then have the opportunity to find true happiness to realise your true potential to fall in love for the right reasons - and not wrong reasons. It’s all about self-discovery.

Marco Pierre White's range of barbecues and grills have been produced in conjunction with HeavenChef ( www.heavenchef.co.uk ). The 'hero product' of the range is called the MarcO-Grill.