Credo: Jade Goody

Reality TV star, 26
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I believe...

I'm a compulsive eater. It doesn't matter what time of day or what kind of mood I'm in happy or sad, I love my food.

Self-help books aren't the way forward for me.

I'm an all or nothing type of person. Take exercise recently I've gone up to a size 12, in fact almost a 14. But I'll get to a point where I'll exercise like crazy and drop three dress sizes. My weight goes on and comes off very, very easily.

America is a great place to start over and I hope acting is going to be my next big career move. I'll give it everything I've got in Hollywood. I'd be perfect for a really mental type of character.

I am very organised, contrary to public opinion. I even do my Christmas shopping in November. I'd probably surprise people with quite how good a businesswoman I am, too, like the way I ran my beauty salon.

Plastic surgery is a great solution to low self-esteem. But you shouldn't overdo it. I've had my boobs done, but that's it.

I've learnt from my mistakes this year and I will definitely be a better person in future. I'm still open in interviews but I would prefer not to talk about Celebrity Big Brother one year on.

The negative reaction to 'Big Brother' never affected how the public react to me. I've not had any insults to my face.

India is a very spiritual place. I wish I'd more time to investigate Buddhism, for example. It was all a bit of a whirlwind when I went earlier this year.

It's difficult to maintain a relationship when you're in the public eye. Every time I go to a club or a bar there are hundreds of people who want to sell a story on me.

My boyfriend is very misunderstood by the public. He's not stupid but he has annoyed me in the past when he hasn't had a job. Everyone needs a job or you lose sight of what is important.

Jade Goody is the face of the 'Watch It... Do It' cookery books,