Cultural Life: Macy Gray, Singer


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I’m a huge Jack White fan so I’ve been listening to his latest record Blunderbuss a lot. He’s very serious about what he does, and I like that he’s not afraid to try new things that might not be popular. I’m also a huge Black Keys fan; the production on their latest album El Camino is really raw but everybody’s upbeat and it sounds awesome.


The very last movie I saw was Sparkle, Whitney Houston’s final movie. It was cute but I’ve seen the original version (1976) a million times and I’m a huge fan of that one. It’s about this singing group that gets caught up in drugs .


I recently saw The Book of Mormon on Broadway by Trey Stone and Matt Parker and that was pretty wild. I just saw Wicked; that’s an amazing musical, it’s genius.

Visual Arts

The last show I saw was Tim Burton’s drawings and other art works of his in LA. I’m not really a collector of art, but I have a couple of Warhols, two Basquiats, some Herakuts and my friend Thellus Singleton’s stuff.


I’m a big fan of Breaking Bad, it’s such a great show. You can’t even believe what’s happening. Macy Gray’s new album, ‘ Talking Book’, a reimagining of Stevie Wonder songs, is out now.