How do I look?: Tawiah, singer, 21

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My clothes are a reflection of me. If I'm feeling down, I'll be wearing black from head to toe. If I'm up, I'll be donning all the colours under the sun. There are people whose style I admire, but I pretty much do my own thing. If I see something and love how it looks on me, I'll just run it. I love granddad style. Those boys look gangsta in their little outfits.

I'm not there for wedges. I'm definitely a trainer girl. Feeling comfy is really important to me. I love my high tops. My all-gold Puma kicks are gangsta. I did buy a couple of pairs of heels recently, which I'd only wear if I had to wear smart shoes. One pair is purple and pink with flowers all over them. They sound disgusting but they're rowdy.

Sometimes I'll see something and I'm like: "it's mine". I tried on this mad coat the other day, by Year Zero. It's a black hoodie with a massive hood and a tail. When the woman told me it was £350 I was like, "No, I don't spend that on a jacket unless it's warm." You know that question your mum always asks you. It's not warm, but I kept thinking about it, so now it's mine.

I wanted a proper white Cruella De Vil lock, but I was scared of leaving the bleach in too long. I love changing my hairstyle, but locks lock you in. I missed having patterns shaved into my head so I shaved half of the locks off again.

People don't recognise me without glasses. Sometimes I have to pop out the lenses so I can see properly in clubs. Usually, I wear clear glasses but these are fold-up Ray-Bans. I love them. I've always done lenses, it's just my thing.

Everyone asks me: "What's in that suitcase of yours?" I love this little bag. It has everything in it, whatever. It's perfect for taking my loop machine and microphones to gigs. I found it in a little shop on the King's Road and thought: "That's going to be my new bag".

This Block'n'Rock'n'Beat'n'Box'n'Pop'n'Lock T-shirt was plan B. I was wearing a D&G ruffle shirt under the waistcoat but thought it was too hot for the Tube. I tried the T and was like: "Yeah, I'll run this." It looked kind of cool under the waistcoat. The T-shirt's from Chicago. I don't have favourite shops, I just find things that I like on a random.

Tawiah will play the Royal Festival Hall, London SE1 (0871 663 2500) on 17 October