Megan Fox: Hero or Villain?


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You might have missed it while getting on with things that, actually, you know, matter, but last week saw the publication of what has been called "The worst thing that anybody has ever written. Ever." The article in question is the cover story of the current issue of US Esquire, an interview with the Transformers actress and lads' mag cover star Megan Fox.

Make no mistake, the chief recipient of the widespread disapprobation is the article's writer, who opens the piece by comparing the job of the modern-day "bombshell" with that of the young men chosen for sacrifice in the "Aztec ritual practised during the feast of Toxcatl". As you do.

Thrillingly, Ms Fox agrees and there follows an exchange that does not leave Fox's reputation enhanced (although her barely clothed body on the cover undoubtedly has been).

Her crime? Engaging with the writer and talking off the top of her head on a range of topics of which Hollywood starlets are media-trained to steer clear of. The Middle East? Fox sees the situation there as a sign that "the immediate end times" are upon us. Church worship? "[Speaking in tongues is] a language only God understands." Ancient aliens, leprechauns, the Loch Ness monster …. Fox believes in all of them, concluding that: "What distracts me from my reality is Bigfoot."

Now you can titter all you like, but admit it, you'd rather read this stuff than the "I-was-a-geek-at-school" nonsense that such interviewees usually trot out. Remember, too, that back in 2009 Fox said of giving interviews to men's magazines: "They're boys; they're easily toyed with. I tell stories and have them eating out of my hand. Not all of it is true. In fact, most of it is bullshit."

True or not, where once we might have thought Meh-gan Fox at the sight of another profile in prose, now we can't wait until her next public pronouncement. And besides, the whole furore will have passed her by. Her mind, after all, is fixed firmly on Bigfoot.