Michael Foot: Remembering Argyle's greatest ever left-winger

He was a lifelong member of Plymouth Argyle's Green Army and a club director. In this interview with an online fanzine, the former Labour leader, who died yesterday aged 96, explained his devotion

How long have you supported Plymouth Argyle?

My father, Isaac Foot, who was fanatical about Argyle, started taking me to Home Park in about 1921, with my brother Dingle, who was also a good Argyle fan.

What is your most memorable Argyle match?

Christmas Day 1935, at White Hart Lane. Argyle beat Tottenham by 2-1, with Sammy Black scoring the first goal. The next day, Argyle beat them 2-1 again, back at Home Park. Also, at Easter 1987, when we went to Portsmouth, and beat them 1-0. As we drove back up to London, we genuinely believed that we were on our way into the First Division, as it was then called.

Do you have a particular favourite Argyle player or manager?

Sammy Black was my favourite Argyle player. Paul Sturrock was without doubt the best manager Argyle has ever had.

What would be your greatest personal achievement in your time on the Argyle board of directors?

I was happy to come in at a time when I was asked, but I would never claim to have played a prominent role. My period as a director was an exciting and successful period for the club, but the vast majority of the credit for that has to go to Paul Sturrock, his coaching staff, and his players.

Do you still manage to see the occasional Argyle game?

I certainly do. I was at the Norwich game, and was particularly pleased to see Argyle play such good football.

It's been reported that the only things that matter to you are politics, people, books, dogs, whisky and Plymouth Argyle. is that true?

I have given up drinking whisky.

To honour your 90th birthday, Argyle registered you as a player and gave you a squad number of 90. Many fans were hoping you would get a game; did you ever come into Paul Sturrock's first-team plans?

Sturrock was far too canny even to consider such a thing.

Do you have a message for the fans?

I believe the away supporters in particular are, quite simply, the best in the world. They are quite marvellous. For my part, I shall continue to support Argyle, and I refuse to conk out until I have seen Argyle play in the top division.

This interview first appeared on vitalfootball.co.uk website three years ago. To read the full article go to www.plymouth.vitalfootball.co.uk