My Secret Life: DJ Spoony

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Born Jonathan Joseph in Hackney, London, in 1970, DJ Spoony began his career on the underground radio station Kiss FM. Recognised for helping kickstart the UK Garage music movement in the Nineties, he is also a former Radio 1 DJ and now presents the football phone-in show 606 on Radio 5 Live. Spoony is a supporter of Breathe a new film-making competition from Channel 4's 4Talent about the dangers of smoking and Cancer Research UK

I drive: a Range Rover, and I can sometimes be found on the tube or the bus on Holloway Road.

If I have time to myself: I sneak out to the golf course; Stoke Park in Buckinghamshire, Urban Golf in Soho or Smithfield. There's nothing like it!

You wouldn't know it but I'm very good at: admitting that I'm no good at things. There are quite a few to mention, to be fair.

You may not know it but I'm no good at: cooking. I am learning, but it's a slow process. For the moment, takeaways are my thing.

A book that changed me: State of Fear by Michael Crichton; a thriller about climate change and eco-warriors, it really opened my eyes.

Movie heaven: Scarface. Wow! The Bourne series and Bond are cool too, but I do love a good gangster film: Casino, The Godfather 1 & 2, Once Upon a Time in America. OK, I love Saturday Night Fever too.

Comfort eating: jam roly-poly and custard or Ritz crackers with a big slab of cheese and a large glass of cranberry and raspberry juice.

When I was a child I wanted to be ... John Barnes or Kenny Dalglish.

All my money goes on: what money? No, seriously, going crazy with money is not a concept I'm familiar with, sadly.

At night I dream of: a girl whose name I can't remember now, which is probably for the best. And the winning Lottery numbers pop up every now and again, which is handy.

My favourite building: is 50 St James's Street [the London casino and private members' club], which is gorgeous. But Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament are breathtaking too, especially at night.

My biggest regret: is not buying houses in north London particularly in Stoke Newington or Crouch End when I had the chance.

It's not fashionable but I like: The Bee Gees. I can admit it.

If I wasn't me I'd like to be: Denzel Washington.

The shop I can't walk past: Harvey Nichols, Selfridges and Jerk City, to name but a few.

The soundtrack to my life: "The Ballad of Dorothy Parker" by Prince. And Craig David's "Born to Do It" reminds me of great times.

The best invention ever: the iPod. Wowzers! The car and the mobile phone have made getting around a bit easier, too.