My Week: Clare Brown

The head of production for tomorrow night's Bafta Awards prepares for the arrival of some of the biggest names in the film industry
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I'm head of production for the Orange British Academy Film Awards that take place on Sunday and that means I oversee every aspect of the production.

Everything from assisting in the production of the ceremony itself, who the presenters should be, advising on scripts, the red carpet, dealing with all our sponsors and the dinner at Grosvenor House. It's a year-round operation but this week we go through every aspect of it to ensure everything's in order. The tickets come in today and we have to check that everyone has a seat and send the tickets out.


Today I spend a lot of time on the Grosvenor House party and dinner that follow the ceremony. We have a look at the flower designs that will be the centrepieces of the tables. We meet the people at Soho House to go through minute by minute of what will happen at the after-party. Each of the distributors of the five best film nominees gets a room at the party. We also finalise music to be played at the party; we have the Saturdays playing. I spend some time on sales so we check that our partners who have bought the programme internationally, like BBC America and Orange France, have everything they need, such as running orders, to pick up the satellite.


We have a huge security and evacuation meeting at the Opera House to make sure everything's OK for Sunday. We're very excited to have Prince William presenting one of the awards this year and so obviously this requires security measures. It's wonderful for the academy to have him there. We've got a great association with the royals and now to have the younger generation coming in is really great. We also have a meeting about getting cars into the piazza on Sunday so we can get everyone in and out OK.


We go through the scripts for Sunday, just proofing them and seeing if anything else needs to go into them and check that the writers have got the right tone and that we aren't missing anything. At 9pm I do a walk through with the publicists so they'll know where they need to take the talent on the day.


I spend this morning with the producer of the ceremony to go through final running orders and the right people presenting the right awards. We've got Mickey Rourke and Kate Winslet coming back to present the Best Actress and Best Actor awards, which is fabulous. I've seen all of the nominated films this year. Some I like more than others, but I'd be giving something away if I said who my favourites were! If you're an actress on to a red carpet in February, you're going to be freezing, so we want everything to run as efficiently as it can and we want everyone to arrive upbeat so they have a good time, because that's what it's about.

The Orange British Academy Film Awards are on tomorrow at 9pm on BBC1