My Week: Gemma Cairney

The co-host of the Radio 1Xtra Breakfast Show recalls a busy week that included the Mobo awards in Glasgow, 5am starts and late nights
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I've just had two weeks' holiday so it's a struggle getting up at 5am again to go and present the Radio 1Xtra breakfast show with Trevor Nelson. Now that it's dark when I wake up, it makes me feel like a bit of a weirdo throughout the day. In the evening I do yoga with an old friend. I feel very proud of myself so I reward myself with a gigantic plate of spaghetti bolognaise.


Wake up serene from the yoga and go and do the radio. Then I tidy my room which looks like a crazy thrift store. I pack for the Mobo awards tomorrow. I forget that my dress is cream and pack only black underwear. But as I'm otherwise organised, I feel like a proper grown-up today. Feeling grown up is a bit of an up and down process for me.


Have a great morning show with Trevor before my boss tells me that I have to cover for Tim Westwood later this afternoon as he's sick. I head off for the airport and spend the flight to Glasgow for the Mobos planning another show. When I arrive in Glasgow I go to my hotel and ask for a few minutes to have a wash and put make up on. I manage to get phone interviews with VV Brown and JLS for the last-minute radio show so it goes well and I really enjoy it. I have a quick bite to eat before my producer comes and gets me for my next job: doing live inserts as I roam around the Mobos, which I have to do for the rest of the day. I'm so tired but I get into it and I bump into loads of friends and colleagues. Trevor wasn't able to come to the awards so I have to collect his prize when he wins for best radio DJ. It's nerve racking because I respect him so much and I don't want to make him look like an idiot. I'm exhausted so I skip the after parties and get a taxi back to the hotel. An old schoolfriend then calls me to tell me to come out so I'm forced to go out partying.


After three hours' sleep I go straight to BBC Glasgow to do inserts into the breakfast show, and everyone's really nice about yesterday. I probably still smell of alcohol but I think they understand. Get the plane back to London; it's like the music industry flight and there are lots of people wearing dark glasses on the plane. I see Tinchy Stryder later who was nominated in three categories but didn't win. I give him a hug and tell him that he deserved an award and that everyone thought that he was robbed. He's probably one of the most relevant artists on the scene and he's so humble and hard working. I go home and have a Vietnamese.


I'm really tired but I go and do my show with Trevor. I stay at home alone in the evening – I'm too tired. I'll catch up with my friends tomorrow. When life's this crazy it's important to make sure you stay involved with your friends; otherwise you just get wrapped up in your own little world.