My Week: Johnny Vaughan

Getting up at 5am is no big deal for the Capital Radio presenter, but Chelsea's painful defeat to Barcelona in the Champions League definitely is
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Today is a very rare day because my wife has admitted being wrong. We go to her sister's home in Sussex; I said it was an insane idea because of the Bank Holiday traffic. She said that if we leave straight after lunch we'll be fine. I said that everyone thinks that. Of course, it is hell on the roads. We spend six-and-a-half hours in traffic. But I was right for once. Don't get me wrong, we had a lovely lunch with her family, but the main point of the day is that I was right and she was wrong.


I'm up at 5am and arrive at Capital Radio to do the breakfast show at about 5.50am. I don't mind the hours: I know people who get up at 5am for the commute and then spend a full day in the office, so really I'm quite lucky as I finish at 10am. It's lovely in the summer when it's light but sometimes in the winter it's so gloomy you begin to think "What am I doing?". I do a voiceover straight after the show, then drive around London sorting out various tickets for people. For some reason I've become ticket man for a group of people and responsible for sorting out various sporting and music events.


I do the radio in the morning then have some meetings. I meet the chaps for a late lunch before the Chelsea vs Barcelona game. We go to the Brasserie on Brompton Cross which is my favourite place for steak and chips. I like it there because the waiters genuinely look like they've been kidnapped off the streets of Paris. It was a cracking night at the football, but the result was terrible: I'm a big Chelsea fan. Normally we go for drinks afterwards and our motto is "Don't let the football spoil a good day at the football", but sometimes it just gets to you.


After the show I get messages from my boss telling me about the radio viewing figures. We're the number one breakfast show in London and we've increased our lead by quite a bit too, which is great. I get a bit lost in all the figures, it's actually very complicated. I don't analyse too much why our listening figures are up, I just think that Lisa Snowdon, my co-presenter, is great company and it's a very current show and plays current music. It's lovely that people choose to listen to you. I don't know if quantity is ever quality but it's nice that lots of people seem to enjoy it. I go for a lengthy steam and sauna session later on in the day and read all the sports pages. I'm still sad.


Radio again in the morning. I enjoy doing something that's live everyday and unscripted. I've done many things in media before, and still do, but after a while you have to acknowledge what you are and what you're best at, and look for the best place for that to flourish and for me, it's radio. I suppose this week will mainly be remembered as the week that the fight against hay fever had its big opening week.