Rolling Stone Wood goes into rehab

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Ronnie Wood has entered rehab, a spokeswoman for the star said today. The Rolling Stone is "seeking help" with his battle with alcohol.

Wood recently fled to a bolt-hole in Ireland with a Russian cocktail waitress.

His spokeswoman said: "Following Ronnie's continued battle with alcohol he has entered a period of rehab.

"His close family and friends say he is seeking help and look forward to his recovery."

Wood, 61, flew home yesterday in an apparent attempt to save his marriage.

His son, Jesse, 30, had gone to Ireland to try and talk the guitarist into returning.

Wife Jo, 53, is said to have called time on their 23-year union.

Waitress Ekaterina Ivanova, 19, has reportedly told friends she has fallen in love with the rocker.

Ivanova's mother has insisted the relationship with the painter and musician was professional, saying: "She went out to model for him."

Fears were raised last week for the health of the Rolling Stone, who had only recently come out of rehab.

A source close to the guitarist said previously that Wood met the teenager in a bar "boozed out of his mind".

She said: "This is all connected with his drinking. He's drinking two bottles of vodka a day.

"He's not himself. She's (Ivanova) a drinking buddy. It was a party, all of that.

"It's all very booze-connected."

She added that he had just come out of rehab a few weeks before his daughter Leah got married last month.

As well as being in one of the most famous bands in the world, Wood is known for his painting.

The Woods have been married for more than 20 years and their relationship has been held up as one of the longest in rock history.