The 5-Minute Interview: Danielle Lloyd, model

'When Teddy has a day off, we mooch'
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Danielle Lloyd, 22, lost the Miss Great Britain title she won in February after allegations that she had met her boyfriend Teddy Sheringham, who was a contest judge, before the compettion. She recently signed a £50,000 deal with the clothing label Lipsy.

Being the partner of a star footballer is...

Hard at the start of the season because the players have to go back to training and they get a bit frustrated and angry. You just want to be out of the way. But Teddy's just a normal guy to me.

If I weren't talking to you right now I'd be...

Probably snuggled up in bed with Teddy and the telly. When Teddy has a day off we tend really to just mooch. Otherwise, I'll do about a shoot a week and the rest of time I'm having lunch with friends or going shopping.

A phrase I use far too often is...

I always say "babe". I say it to everyone. I'd even say it to you!

I wish people would take more notice of...

How they drive on the roads. I think they should make people take their tests again if they are caught driving badly.

The most surprising thing that happened to me was...

Winning Miss Great Britain and then meeting Teddy on the same day. The reports about me meeting him before is a total misunderstanding. I had been with a different boyfriend that Christmas.

I am not a politician but...

If I was, I'd get more people into work and stop people coming into the country. There's so many people who come into England because they know they can get benefits. People who already live here should get the jobs. But I don't really know much about politics.

In a nutshell, my philosophy is this:

Be happy with what you've got because there's people who haven't got anything.

Sara Newman