Psychic Sally Morgan sacks husband for launching anti-gay attack on critic

TV psychic Sally Morgan said she felt ‘utterly ashamed’ by her husband’s behaviour

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The psychic Sally Morgan has sacked her own husband and son-in-law after a video emerged showing them homophobically abusing and violently threatening one of her critics.

She said she felt “utterly ashamed and devastated” by John Morgan, her manager, and Daren Wiltshear, her tour manager, following the release of a film recorded secretly by Mark Tilbrook while he handed out leaflets before one of the psychic’s shows in London.

In the video, filmed on 30 April and released online last Friday as part of a psychic awareness month, Mr Morgan tells Mr Tilbrook: “I’m gonna knock you out one day,” adding: “One day you’re gonna be lifted, and you’ll disappear somewhere.” When Mr Morgan again threatens to “knock out” Mr Tilbrook, Mr Wiltshear adds: “I’ve seen him do it, and you really don’t want him to do it.”

The homophobic abuse contained in the film was revealed by The Independent at the weekend. “You know, you look pale,” Mr Morgan tells Mr Tilbrook. “Are you on drugs or has someone shagged you too much? One of your boyfriends been up your arse?”

Mr Tilbrook, whose video has gained more than 100,000 views, offered the leaflets, entitled “Look after yourself”, to people attending Mrs Morgan’s shows in the hope that she would communicate with their dead relatives.

“I wanted audiences to have the information they needed to make informed decisions about what they’re seeing,” he said.

Mrs Morgan, 63, initially accused Mr Tilbrook of “persistent hounding” and claimed that her husband “reacted angrily and out of character”. Mr Tilbrook, 30, denied ever approaching the Morgans.

Mrs Morgan, who claims on her website to have met her first ghost at the age of four, announced the dismissals in a second statement last night. “I have come from a family background that has always been very accepting, many of my friends are gay and I have always felt happy that I am often referred to as a gay icon through my work,” she wrote.

“I am utterly ashamed and devastated at the behaviour of my husband John and son-in-law Daren and neither of them will have anything to do with my work, my business and right now I honestly have no idea what is going to happen to my marriage.”

Mr Tilbrook said last night that he had only tried to “engage with the public about psychics, nothing more”.

“I think that the words and actions displayed by John were inexcusable and note that neither myself nor the gay community has seen anything like a personal apology from him,” he added.