Queen Elizabeth II becomes longest reigning monarch: How much would the Queen have paid if she had to pay rent?

With the Queen becoming the UK's longest serving monarch, a letting agent has tried to work out how much she would have paid in rent

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The Queen has lived in some of Britain's most prestigious properties during her reign, but how much would this have cost her if she had been paying rent throughout this time?

With Her Majesty set to become the UK's longest serving monarch at some point on Wednesday, lettings agent Rentify has estimated the 89-year-old would have paid £1,037,277,892 if she had been renting throughout her 63 year and 7 month stay on the throne.

Buckingham Palace in central London has been placed at the top of the list, with an estimated rent of £303,340 a month for the central London residence.

With its 225 bedrooms and 13 acres of land meanwhile, Windsor Castle, in Berkshire, is second on the list – with an estimated monthly rent of £129,375.

The Queen’s fortune is currently estimated at £340 million however, as with many of her aristocratic cousins, she is asset-rich but relatively income-poor.

 “Royal properties will always command a royal price tag, and these estimates show that even royalty would not be exempt from the effect of astronomic London rents,” commented George Spencer, CEO of Rentify.

As the Queen approaches the milestone, the question of her worth to Britain's economy has also been raised.

According to research by Brand Finance, the value of the monarchy has been placed at an estimated £56.7 billion.

This figure includes the value of assets such as the Crown Estate, the Duchies of Cornwall and Lancaster and the Crown Jewels.

With these stripped out the total value of the monarchy to the economy is an estimated £1.155bn for 2015, according to the research.

Below is an overview of the Queen's properties from throughout her reign:

Buckingham Palace

Location: London, England

Number of bedrooms: 240

Estimated PCM: £303,340


Windsor Castle

Location: Berkshire, England

Number of rooms: 225

Estimated PCM: £129,375


Sandringham Palace

Location: Norfolk, England

Number of rooms: 135

Estimated PCM: £94,500


Balmoral Castle

Location: Aberdeenshire, Scotland

Number of rooms: 100

Estimated PCM: £60,000


Palace of Holyroodhouse

Location: Edinburgh, Scotland

Number of rooms: 60

Estimated PCM: £49,260


Hillsborough Castle

Location: County Down, Northern Ireland

Number of rooms: 80

Estimated PCM: £42,667


Delnadamph Lodge

Location: Aberdeenshire, Scotland

Number of rooms: 12

Estimated PCM: £4,200

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