Rapper Meek Mill says Drake doesn't write his own verses and the entire industry knows it

They worked together on Mill's single "R.I.C.O" but he claims it was ghostwritten

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He’s one of the biggest rappers on the planet, but Drake’s reputation has taken a huge blow after fellow rapper Meek Mill suggested he doesn’t write his own lines.

Meek Mill might have been inspired by his girlfriend Nicki Minaj, who in the same evening had to provide a crash-course on the music industry’s huge race problem.

In a series of tweets, the 28-year-old rapper said Drake didn’t write his verse on Meek’s recent single "R.I.C.O" and that he regularly employs a ghostwriter to pen his lyrics.

He also said most people in the industry are aware of the fact but are too scared to speak out, while praising artists like Kendrick Lamar and J Cole for maintaining artistic integrity despite their increased profiles.

Drake has yet responded to the caims, although Tesco has waded in with their ownunique blend of food-based banter:

Wraps. Raps. Geddit?