Kanye West and Future capture 'trophy women' with chains in 'sexist' video game 'I Won The Game'

A new animated game was created as a means of promoting collaborative new single "I Won"
  • @ella__alexander

A new video game created by Future takes sexism to impressive new heights by throwing chains around women and turning them into trophies.

American rapper Future has shared an animated game, to promote his new collaboration with Kanye West, entitled "I Won".

Cartoon versions of West and Future sit on the beach, backs to the player, hurling gold jewellery over unsuspecting female pedestrians. Think a sinister human version of the hoopla and you’re not far off.

It isn't known how much involvement West has had with the game and a spokesperson for him could not be reached.

Future’s track, "I Won", has already attracted criticism with claims that his lyrics objectify women.

The lyrics focus on the rapper’s delight at having “won” his “trophy”, and how he will treat her accordingly – listing plans to “dip her ass in gold”, overfeed her and take to the south of France “so you can run around without them pants”.

“And now that ass gettin' fatter and I know it's because of me," sings Future.
"I know it's because of me, got you in custody.”

Obviously, nothing says romance more than being treated as someone’s prize -̶  or indeed being incarcerated.

Future has launched a video game to help promote his music before. Last month, he unveiled a game to build hype around his collaboration with Pharrell Williams, "Move That Dope".

In it, players had to direct a driver around town to collect the "kingpin's" money.

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