The Prime Minister was host at a reception yesterday evening at 10 Downing Street in honour of the President of the Republic of Colombia and Senora de Gaviria. The other guests were:

Senora Noemi Sanin de Rubio; the Ambassador of the Republic of Colombia and Senora de Prieto; Senor Luis Alberto Moreno; Senor Guido Nule-Amin and Senora de Nule; Senor Juan Manuel Santos; Senor Carlos Gustavo Arrieta; Senor Gabriel Silva; Senor Ricardo Avila; Senor Dario Vargas; Senor Martin Carrizosa; Senor Juan Maria Rendon; Senor Antonio Pretelt; Mr Douglas Hurd MP; Mr Kenneth Clarke MP; Mr Tim Sainsbury MP and Mrs Sainsbury; Mr David Heathcoat-Amory MP; Viscount Montgomery of Alamein; the Bishop of Worcester and Mrs Goodrich; Mr Tristan Garel-Jones MP; Sir Peter and Lady Cazalet; Sir Robert and Lady Davidson; Sir Derek and Lady Birkin; Mr John Cahill; Mr and Mr David Simon; Mr and Mrs Dai Somerville-Jones; Mr and Mrs Joseph Darby; Mr and Mrs Gordon Hourston; Mr and Mrs Peter Robinson; Mr and Mrs Rupert Pennant-Rea; Mr and Mrs Bobby Charlton; Mr and Mrs John Peett; Dr Charles Goodson-Wickes MP and Mrs Goodson-Wickes; Mr and Mrs Andreas Whittam Smith; Mr and Mrs Brian Hitchen; Sir John Coles; Mr and Mrs Keith Morris; Mr Roderic Lyne.