Remembering Marlon Brando: His most iconic moments in pictures

As the 10th anniversary of his death arrives, look back at 20 pictures that cement his idol status

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Today marks the 10th anniversary of Marlon Brando’s death and so we have selected 20 pictures that demonstrate what made him one of Hollywood’s most iconic actors.

Stills from his most famous films, The Wild One, A Streetcar Named Desire, The Godfather and On The Waterfront, have gone on to become some of the most famous images in cinematic history – shaping not only film, but also fashion.

The rawness and intensity of his performances made for visual and acting gold. He was mesmerising to see off screen too – pictures taken with Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe capture a moment in time where pretty much everyone thought of Brando as undisputed king.

Being unarguably handsome didn’t hurt either. Brooding, strong and dripping in testosterone, he managed to appear simultaneously fragile, savage and impenetrable.

Look back at 20 pictures that prove why he became one of film's most famous leading men.