Richard Blackwood: The moment he lost it all and tried to throw himself out of a window

The former millionaire, who makes his debut in EastEnders this evening, describes his struggle with depression following bankruptcy

Richard Blackwood’s debut as part of EastEnders' live 30th anniversary show this evening might seem like a career side-step for a one-time millionaire media star and the brother of supermodel Naomi Campbell.

But his appearance actually marks an impressive comeback for the comic, whose spiralling depression led him to consider suicide after he filed for bankruptcy in 2003.

Richard Blackwood with sister Naomi Campbell in 2001

“When I was made bankrupt it was hard because I was one of the first young guys from the MTV era to be deemed to have it all and then to lose it all,” he tells The Sun.

“I was depressed, I was suicidal. It was very real for me back then.”

He went on to describe the “hangers-on” he had at the peak of his career, the pay cheques he thought would “never end” and his obscenely fast life-style.

Richard Blackwood on stage in 2010

“It was a rollercoaster that had to hit a wall at some point because it was too much for any young guy — too much too soon.”

Blackwood’s situation became so desperate, he said, he attempted suicide by throwing himself out of a window. He was saved by the efforts of his ex-girlfriend, Samia Stokes.

“If it wasn’t for her being there for me at the time I don’t think I would have been here, especially at that moment.”


He got a tattoo of an angel on his chest to remind him of the moment he survived the ordeal.

“When I went through the suicide I believe that an angel was there protecting me, so I got it after that.”

Ricky Norwood and Richard Blackwood at the National TV Awards in January 2015

Blackwood’s “life-changing” EastEnders character will be revealed for the first time on Tuesday at 7.30pm.