Richard Hammond 'shot friend's prize peacock at pheasant hunt', reports claim

The Top Gear presenter was apparently left 'incredibly embarrassed'

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As Jeremy Clarkson awaits his Top Gear-hosting fate following a “fracas” with a show producer who allegedly failed in his duty to provide him with a hot meal, reports surrounding is two co-stars are becoming increasingly bizarre.

The latest involves Richard Hammond and a pheasant shoot at a friend’s country home, which apparently ended in tragedy after the 45-year-old presenter allegedly shot his prize peacock by mistake.

“Richard was incredibly embarrassed,” a source was quoted by The Sun as saying.

“He loves shooting and often goes out on the estate neighbouring his grounds.

“The guy who owns the estate also owns peacocks. One flew out and Richard just reacted. He was hugely apologetic.”


A spokesperson for Hammond is yet to clarify the claims.

Clarkson is currently suspended from the BBC show pending an investigation into an incident during which he allegedly punched show producer Oisin Tymon.

Despite the probe, the presenter has been booked to host BBC comedy panel show Have I Got News For You next month.

Clarkson has since reportedly undertaken legal action after a “senior BBC source” compared people turning a blind eye to the his behaviour to the alleged cover-up of BBC presenter Jimmy Savile.