Rihanna turns lively football pundit for England v Uruguay World Cup match: 'Man they know better than to give Suarez that much room'

The singer delivered a colourful commentary on Twitter

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As England's World Cup hopes were all but dashed in their defeat by Uruguay last night, an unlikely pundit emerged in the form of global pop star Rihanna.

The "Diamonds" singer took to Twitter to offer some colourful commentary and lightly rebuke England for failing to stop top Liverpool player Luis Suarez from scoring two goals for his home team.

Despite having an image of Brazilian anti-Fifa graffiti as her display picture, Ri-Ri seemed to have a lot to say about the match at Arena Corinthians, Sao Paulo.

Rihanna appeared to be behind England, but was quick to point out their ineffectiveness in the face of the South American team, as Suarez scored his first goal.

She praised goalkeeper Fernando Muslera, but appeared jubilant when Wayne Rooney delivered an equaliser and reignited England's chances.



However, the victory was not to last and Rihanna expressed her disappointment with an expletive, before blaming England for allowing Suarez the room to score a second goal and, with it, a win for Uruguay.

But she begrudgingly gave a nod to Uruguay's defence, which she claimed was "2 good (sic)".



Her match analysis seemed to prove popular, with thousands of retweets and favouties.

It is not the first time Rihanna has publicly commented on the World Cup. Earlier in the week she analysed the Netherlands v Australia match and also posted a picture of an ash tray emblazoned with the Brazil flag.


And on 16 June she struggled to choose who to back between Germany and Portugal, tweeting: "I hate watching games like this! 2 of my fave teams... (sic)."

Move over Gary Lineker...