Rik Mayall faked brilliant response from Lenny Henry after fan asked for advice on comedy writing

The comedian manages to keep entertaining the Twitter world

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A student wrote to Rik Mayall asking for his advice about comedy writing and the Blackadder actor’s response was as expectedly witty as his many other irreverent fan interactions.

Guy Walker, a media and television student at the University of Huddersfield, sent Mayall a letter asking three questions about comedy.

On the subject of whether or not innovative comedy is being ruined by political correctness, he appears to write, “No, it’s the w*gs.”

Walker then asks about the differences between writing for radio and writing for television. Mayall replies with his trademark humour: “There is none. They’re both run by BBC middle class neo-situationalist class–racists”.

The note was signed “with love and violence Lenny Henry x”.


Last week, a fan shared a response from Mayall after the comedian was asked to sign a card for his wife’s birthday. The actor obliged, but then wrote a separate note urging the couple to buy a copy of his World Cup track, "Noble England": “OK, that’s my part of the deal done; now your part of the deal,” he wrote.

The track entered the top 10 of the UK Official Chart last week, after a fan campaign to revive the song, originally released in 2010.

A fan request for an autograph was met with a similarly entertaining response from the comedian, who was, among other things, known for his love of profanities.

A handwritten letter read:

“Here you are you cheapskate money-grabbing Welsh c*nt — where's the f*cking envelope you deformity??

”Here you are Daniel, thank you so much for writing. I hope you like the picture.

“Best wishes my dear friend.”

The comedian died on 9 June, aged 56, of an “acute cardiac arrest” after a morning run. His funeral will be staged tomorrow, 19 June.