Rob Ford: Ex Toronto mayor auctioning off 'memorabilia' on eBay, including jazzy tie he wore when he admitted smoking crack cocaine

People have bid thousands of dollars for the 'authenticated' items

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Rob Ford's term as mayor of Toronto was marked by controversy. So his decision to sell what he's calling "Rob Ford Memorabilia" on eBay might not come as a surprise to many people.

Ford, who is currently a Toronto City Councillor, was at the centre of a drugs scandal and admitted to smoking crack cocaine in 2013 after his initial denials. He refused to stand down, but failed to be re-elected in November 2014. Following his admission, Ford described himself as "my own worst enemy" and said he was "ashamed, embarrassed and humiliated".

rob ford tie ebay.JPG
Rob Ford's tie is set to raise thousands of dollars

He has since been diagnosed with liposarcoma, a rare type of cancer, and says that 10 per cent of sales will go towards research and facilities for those who have the disease.

Among the items Ford is auctioning off are the NFL-logo patterned tie he wore while admitting he'd smoked crack cocaine in a "drunken stupor", and an American football jersey in size 4XL. A pair of trousers he was once photographed wearing while out shopping at Wal-Mart, and a "Keep Calm And Carry On" poster that used to hang in his office are also on offer.

Interested parties will need to have deep pockets - on Thursday afternoon and with six days left to bid, the tie alone had attracted over $1,700 (£1,100).

Ford reminds potential buyers: "You are bidding on an original piece of memorabilia from former Toronto Mayor, and current Toronto Councillor Rob Ford."

"This item comes accompanied with a signed, original, Certificate of Authenticity from Councillor Rob Ford himself," the item description reads.


Ford, who struggled with alcohol and drug abuse, went to a rehabilitation facility for two months after he admitted to having smoked crack cocaine. He was also recorded in a bar saying: “I’d like to f**king jam her but she don’t want it” about a city council member, for which he apologised profusely.

According to the Canadian media, Ford is considering standing for re-election in 2018.